The tournament had a very tight schedule as there were a total of 17 events held including 6 events for children under 19 years and 11 events for adults (both Men and Women). People as young as 10 years old to 65 years old players participated in this tournament. This was one of the rare occasions where multi ethnic badminton players of intermediate and advanced level got an opportunity to have different experiences. The way the tournament was conducted clearly showed the amount of work done by the organizing committee before the tournament. It was really remarkable to see that all 17 events were completed within a day.


The opening ceremony of the tournament was held at 9:30 am. Mahen Vaheesan, the Vice President & the tournament coordinator delivered the welcome speech. He expressed his gratitude to all the players, parents of younger players, sponsors and supporters. It was followed by keynote speech by Seelan Senathirajah, president of Toronto Smashers Badminton Club. He said that tournaments of this nature will bring everyone together to have fun and play more games. The President also thanked all the sponsors for their generous support and the Epic Sports management for their extensive cooperation for this tournament.


It was followed by briefing about tournament rules and regulations by Coach Manalang Willie and TSBC Advisor & Senior Coach Niranchan Nadarajah. Niranchan also requested fair play from everyone and expected right calls as well. All the events scheduled for children under 19 years commenced at 9:30 am and first awarding ceremony was held around 2 pm. Thereafter, winners were awarded in regular interval and the last event - Open Single game was completed around 10:00 pm


There were over 50 volunteers helping in different ways during the tournament to make sure the tournament ran smoothly. They helped the organizing committee at the registration desk, tournament control office, and in the court as Juries, match referees and line judges. Some of the players also volunteered as match referees and line judges after their games were completed.


As mentioned earlier, this tournament was an opportunity for players from different ethnic groups at all level of skill to mix and play. It gave better exposure and different experience for all the players. Greater Toronto Area (GTA) needs more tournaments of this kind.


About Toronto Smashers Badminton Club (TSBC):

The vision of Toronto Smashers Badminton Club is to promote friendly, supportive & progressive badminton community that facilitate & develop the playing of badminton among children, adults & of all ages regardless of gender, ethnicity or ability.


The Club is aimed to increase opportunity for children, youth & adults playing badminton and to provide opportunities for all players to reach their maximum capability so they are able to participate in local, national & international tournaments. Presently there are about 150 members in the Toronto Smashers Badminton Club including children, men and women and they are playing in Markham, Toronto and Durham regions.


How to contact TSBC?


Tel: 416 900- 6175



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