Toronto Smashers


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  • To increase opportunity for children, youth and adults playing badminton in schools, sports centres and in clubs

  • To establish regional management teams in major cities of GTA – Toronto, Markham, Durham, Brampton and Mississauga.

  • To provide opportunities for all players to reach their maximum capability and be able to participate in local, national and international tournaments.

  • To provide a range of opportunities for competitive play for all ages and abilities.

  • To build a team of dedicated volunteers to manage and support the work of the club to help achieve its objectives.

  • To ensure adequate funding is available and invested wisely to support the aims of the Association.

  • To provide financial assistance to competitive players to participate in key tournaments where possible.


Toronto Smashers Badminton Club promotes friendly, supportive and progressive badminton community that facilitates and develops the playing of badminton among children, adults and of all age regardless of gender, ethnicity or ability.


  • We inspire excellence in badminton and the love for the game

  • We treat each other with respect and work and act as a team regardless of age, gender and ability

  • We continuously strive and are committed to excellence

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